POS and Logo Design

For a group assessment we were tasked with creating a brand, products and a stall that reflected popular items that would sell to the Canberra market. As Floriade is a staple event every year we created an umbrella brand around the theme of flowers, with the stall reflecting a flower bed, hence Florabed was born.

I created the logo in Illustrator, reflecting our four team-members as obscure flowers poking up our of the flower bed, like our products would in our stall. 

We were given one large sheet of cardboard to create our stall. I helped to come up with the design of the stall with our Industrial Design group member, allowing four products (for each group member) to be shown at different levels for viewing interest, each product sitting on faux grass. I created a 3D mock-up of the stall in Maya to finalise the design, then our team member made the Illustrator files and specifications for laser cutting, and laser etching a natural wood grain texture to the cardboard. We hand-painted signs, with our aim for our packaging to be made from paper and reflect our eco-conscious customer base.

Florabed Stall
Florabed Stall
Florabed Sign
Florabed Construction
Florabed Logo