Publication Design


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

The design for this book was inspired directly from the story; Alice looks up to the sky and daydreams, seeing characters in clouds and imagining wonderful adventures with them.


I designed the cover to reflect the core of the story; Alice daydreaming among the clouds, whilst falling down into the rabbit-hole of her imagination. It was created in Photoshop, and then transferred to InDesign for the rest of the layout process.

The cover type gives a child-like quality, hand-written and yet without gender, inviting all to read and touch, as the type and cloud imagery have a spot gloss added. The paragraph text is a serif that changes size where appropriate in the story, adding another fun and visual experience to this charming classic.


Cross-Cultural Colouring and Activity Book

For my Cross-Cultural Design class, we focused on refugees in Australia and how we could ease their transition into their new lives here.

I created a colouring and activity book for children and families, an interactive way to help children picture themselves in their new lives in a new country. 


My focus country was South Sudan, and when learning that patriarchal values were hard to adjust to once in Australia, I decided to show just some of the types of families we have, including same-sex families and families with different gender roles. The aim is to try to garner acceptance for the diversity of family make-ups we have in our country while helping child refugees adjust to their new lives in a fun and welcoming way.

I tried to make no assumptions of culture, allowing the child to make this book their own, through colouring and activities. The activities allow the child to picture themselves within the book, already a part of an Australian Family, as all families here are different. I created the artwork for the pages in Photoshop and then collated the pages in InDesign.


Typeface Magazine design

The brief for this magazine was to focus on typeface in designing for a series of articles and exercises using InDesign. To give a cohesiveness to the whole magazine, I chose a marble texture for the theme, splashed throughout the pages as to be visually interesting while still allowing the typography to shine.

Letterpress Magazine 1
Letterpress Magazine 2
Letterpress Magazine 3
Letterpress Magazine 4
Letterpress Magazine 5
Letterpress Magazine 6

Document Design

This document was created in InDesign, with images created in Illustrator and Photoshop. I created this wayfinding concept for the UC Library's new Exhibition Space, and with their tight budget in mind. My concept uses perforated sticker signage on the windows of the the Exhibition Space to allow light to still come through with the view of the campus, and still allowing privacy for those inside during evening exhibitions. Other signage can easily be created in the downstairs Workshop, making this a quick and affordable solution.


Branding Research

Research has been a big part of my Graphic Design degree, including looking into brands to see how they tick. I researched two iconic Australian brands, Rosella and Capilano, exploring their design changes as they had recently both updated their logos and packaging. This report was created in InDesign.