Branding and Logo Design



University of Canberra Orientation Guide

Designing promotional items and the orientation guide for my university placed me as one of the top five finalists for that class.


The concept reflects the idea of a university; a hive of knowledge, filled with busy bees from all over, learning and contributing together. Combining the UC colours, the design is complimented by a complex textural design shown through hexagons that are each unique in shape and size, like UC's students.
The design was created in Photoshop, is adaptable for many purposes and is usable on white or dark backgrounds.

UC Promotional Bag
UC Homepage
UC Orientation Guide
UC T-Shirt
UC Promotional Mug

Logo Design

Northern Beaches Natural Therapies

Northern Beaches Natural Therapies focuses on wellness through natural herbs, nutrition, massage and therapies. The client wanted to bring focus to the hands which are used in every aspect of their practice, natural elements such as leaves or fruits to represent herbs and nutrition, and trees representing flourishing growth. Throughout the design process the client gave feedback, from sketches to final drafts, and chose this imagery with  texture to add softness. This design was created in Illustrator. 

Northern Beaches Natural Therapies Logo
Northern Beaches Natural Therapies Cards
Northern Beaches Natural Therapies  Flyer

University of Queensland Logo Redesign

Catching UQ as they were mid-transition into a new look and design for their promotional items, I created a new logo to go with the beautiful theme of indigo, reminiscent of the jacarandas on their campuses. The design was created in Illustrator, expanding the logo out and away from the crest it was holding onto, while keeping many of its elements to retain history.